Economic Update - July 2014


Here is the latest monthly economic update, with comments on the latest Ministry of Social Development benefits and overseas migration data for June.  

Key trends were:

There were 7,733 people registered for a benefit in the Manawatu region in June, a decline of 210 people from June 2013 (2.6% decline). The total number of benefits in New Zealand declined by 5.2%.

  • 3,002 people registered for the job seekers benefit (2.5% of the national total),

  • 1,672 people registered for sole parent support (2.3% of the national total),

  • 2,879 people registered for the supported living payment (3.1% of the national totay), 

  • 180 people were registered for the other benefits (3.5% of the national total).

  • Major changes to Ministry of Social Development benefits in July 2013 means the data for the main benefit types by local authority is no longer comparable with data for previous years. 

    The Manawatu region experienced a net population gain of 387 people from overseas migration in the year ended June 2014.

    The improvement in net migration reflects a 7% increase in the number of arrivals in the last 12 months and a 30% decline in the number of people leaving from the region to move overseas. 

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    June Newsletter


    Vision Manawatu June Newsletter

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    Economic Update - June 2014

    Here is the latest monthly economic update, with comments on the latest Paymark retail trade spending data for May and housing affordability as at March 2013. 

    Key trends were:


    There was strong growth in domestic electronic card spending through the Paymark network in the Manawatu region in May

  • Domestic card retail spending in the Manawatu region increased by 7.6% in May (compared with May 2013) while overall domestic card spending in New Zealand also increased by 7.6%,

  • Domestic card retail spending in Palmerston North increased by 8.8% in May (compared with May 2013) and by 1.2% in Manawatu District,



    The late finish to the school holidays in 2013 may be a factor in the weak increase in spending in Manawatu District this year. 



    Housing affordability estimates suggest the average house in Palmerston North cost 5.7 times the average wage in the City in March 2013 compared with 8.1% for New Zealand.


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    Vision Manawatu May Newsletter

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