Business Retention & Expansion

retentionThe economic prosperity and quality of life of our community depends on the well-being of existing business within the region.

Measuring this over time means that Vision Manawatu understands the needs of local firms, and is able to develop and implement business-driven action plans for local economic development.

We continually connect with business to identify the needs, concerns and opportunities of existing businesses in the region.

From the information gained, we're able to connect businesses to information about current development programmes and services. The findings inform our planning for the region's economic development.

For further information please contact Vision Manawatu 06 350 1830 or send us an email!

"At the heart of a strong local economy are those existing businesses who have made the initial investment in facilities, created jobs and paid taxes that contributed to the enhancement of a community's infrastructure"

Melissa Maples - Dir of Existing Business EDC of Utah